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The Hero suit by HEROIC is new for 2017. It is the ultimate pro choice traditional zipped road racing suit. Hero offers all the features that will allow you to perform to the maximum and feel 100% confident about your safety.

We have delivered one of the most ergonomically comfortable race suit you can ride in. Mobility and comfort were the main results when looking for transparency in building this race suit. The main stress and pull points have been removed and replaced with Schoeller Keprotec Kevlar. These areas allow the suit to expand or contract naturally; even in the most compact riding positions.

Color is a VERY important decision when picking a race suit. We have used precise color placement in this suit to utilize the sun in order to maximize the bodies performance. White leather was placed in areas of the suit that reflect the sun. These areas are non impact zones (chest, lower back, lower leg, upper shoulder). Black absorbs the sun and retains it’s heat. Therefore we placed the black leather in quick twitch muscle group areas (Hip, Outer Thigh, Top of Shoulder, Outer Forearm) and these areas are also high abrasion zones. Black is the go to leather for high abrasion zones.

Blood flow to limbs is very important and especially to the hands. We have cut out the front of the elbow in the suit to allow for better circulation as well as fluid return. Length of elbow to wrist and length of knee to ankle in HEROIC suits tend to be short to allow for better circulation and maximum hand and foot mobility.

We have also included key ZONE protection pads in the chest, abdomen, collarbone, tailbone and hip to dissipate shock upon impact. These protected zones enhance the protection supplement with impact protection to increase shock protection to the body.

The HEROIC Hero is the ultimate off the rack suit. The fit, the safe features and the comfort will make this your favorite race leathers for years to come.


    • Features 1.1-1.3 mm Cowhide leather for excellent abrasion resistance
    • 1.1 in Flex Points / Non Abrasion Zones for immediate break-in
    • 1.3 in Impact Zones: Hip, Shoulder, Knees / Highly Resilient to Abrasion
    • In Traditional Zip
    • Pre-Curved Elbow, Shoulder, Hip and Knee, V Splayed legs. Suit cut for racing
    • TPU Shoulder Air Injection and HEROIC Shoulder Crash Protection -HSCP- Metal Protector is Stainless Steel
    • 100% Bonded Nylon threading throughout construction from suit hanger to ankle
      • Designed to slide 20 meters on asphalt before thread fatigue
      • Crash rated at 120-140 mph
      • Carbon Simulated and SS Elbow and Knee for crash protection and elbow drag protection
    • Level 1 CE certified elbow, back, shoulder, knee and shin protectors
    • Triple stitched main-seam construction for maximum tear resistance
    • Perforated leather panels only in flex panels for ventilation and suit carcass integrity
    • Replaceable medium compound knee sliders
    • Ergonomically placed stretch cordura panels for optimal flexibility
    • Padded back panel and reinforced hip liner for added comfort
    • Leather and Authentic Keprotec Kevlar flex zones for optimum mobility
    • Printed Rubber and micro-injected logos
    • YKK Vislon Japanese Speed Zipper wrist/ankle closure
    • Nylon web cuff end to prevent rashing and glove / boot binding

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